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In Egypt, 47 churches and monasteries have been burned, robbed, or attacked since Aug. 14. The violence, persecution and alleged victimization of Coptic Christians, Nuns and women in religious organizations is putting the heat on Congress as they debate the legitimacy of funding such a frenzy of religious and political fanaticism.

"The Saint Virgin Mary church in Al Nazla is one of 47 churches and monasteries that have been burned, robbed, or attacked since Aug. 14 in a wave of violence against Christians since the brutal police crackdown on the former president’s supporters, according to Ishak Ibrahim of the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights. He adds that dozens of Christian schools, other religious buildings, homes and shops have also been attacked and burned, and seven Christians killed. Police have done little to stop the attacks."

This religious & political barbarism and anti-American sentiment in-spite of 1.5 BILLION in U.S aid.

"WASHINGTON — Members of Congress appeared divided Sunday over whether to curtail U.S. aid to the Egyptian military after its bloody crackdown against pro-Islamist demonstrators last week that left more than 1,000 people dead. The split reflects the paucity of good options for Washington in responding to Egypt’s spiraling crisis. Advocates of cutting off the $1.5 billion in annual U.S. aid say it would boost America’s standing in the Arab world. Opponents argue that it could destroy whatever leverage the United States retains in the Arab world’s most populous nation."

When are we American citizens going to be able to see our tax dollars spent on building America instead of buying off thugs, thieves and terrorists?