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Concrete prophet here…this preaches like only the street can preach. 

The “Bible’s Blogger/Writer/Speaker Prayer”…maybe I could write a book called the “The Prayer of the Blogger”, doesn’t sound as good as Jabez, but who knows…

“The Lord, the Eternal, equipped me for this job—with skilled speech, a smooth tongue for instruction.I can find the words that comfort and soothe the downtrodden, tired, and despairing. 

And I know when to use them.

Each morning, it is God who wakes me and tells me what I should do, what I should say.

The Lord, the Eternal, has helped me to listen and I do as He says. 

I have not been rebellious or run away from God’s work.


But it’s been hard. I offered My back to those who whipped me, my cheeks to those who pulled out my beard; I did not turn away from humiliation and spitting.

Because the Lord, the Eternal, helps me I will not be disgraced; so, I set my face like a rock, confident that I will not be ashamed.

My hero who sets things right is near. Who would dare to challenge me? Let’s stand and debate this head-to-head! Who would dare to accuse me? Let him come near.

See here, the Lord, the Eternal, helps me—who could possibly win against me? 

All my accusers will wear out like a ratty old moth-eaten shirt.”

-Isaiah 50:4-9(The Voice Version)

Painting: Throes of Creation by Leonid Pasternak

Eric Blauer:
“What would Jesus do to ISIS?” That’s a question many Christian’s are asking in debates about how to respond to the international crisis of ISIS and their barbaric rampage through Syria and Iraq.

Candy Carnival from Eric Blauer on Vimeo.

This video is about Candy Carnival

Jacob’s Well Church & East Central Community Center host our 8th Annual Candy Carnival, Oct 31st, 6-8pm at ECCC. Fun, Free and Safe for the whole family, including a new Teen Zone this year!

Like “duty,”“law,”“religion,” the word “vocation” has a dull ring to it, but in terms of what it means, it is really not dull at all. Vocare, to call, of course, and a man’s vocation is a man’s calling. It is the work that he is called to in this world , the thing that he is summoned to spend his life doing. We can speak of a man’s choosing his vocation, but perhaps it is at least as accurate to speak of a vocation’s choosing the man, of a call’s being given and a man’s hearing it, or not hearing it. And maybe that is the place to start: the business of listening and hearing. A man’s life is full of all sorts of voices calling him in all sorts of directions. Some of them are voices from inside and some of them are voices from outside. The more alive and alert we are, the more clamorous our lives are. Which do we listen to? What kind of voice do we listen for?
Frederick Buechner (via contrariansoul)
The prologue of the Gospel of John is a sort of inversion of Genesis that shows that it’s not God who expels mankind, as the scene in earthly paradise tells us, but mankind who expelled God.
Rene Girard (via contrariansoul)
Be like Hafiz: Get up and make an effort. Don’t lie around like a bum.
He who throws himself at the Beloved’s feet is like a workhorse and will be rewarded with boundless pastures and eternal rest.
Hāfez (1325 –1389)  Persian Mystical Poet. From: “Drunk on the Wine of the Beloved.  


An Iraqi lawyer known for her work promoting women’s rights has been executed by Islamic State fighters, the head of the United Nations human rights office said on Thursday, continuing a pattern of attacks on professional women.

The lawyer, Sameera Salih Ali al-Nuaimy, was seized from her home by Islamic State fighters last week and tortured for several days before a masked firing squad executed her in public on Monday, Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein, the United Nations human rightscommissioner, said in a statement.

Ms. Nuaimy had posted comments on her Facebook page condemning the “barbaric” bombing and destroying of mosques and shrines in Mosul, a northern Iraqi city, by the Islamic State, the militant group also known as ISIS or ISIL. She was convicted of apostasy by a “so-called court,” Mr. Zeid said, adding that her family had been barred from giving her a funeral.

(via thefreelioness)

May we forget about ourselves. When we are intoxicated by his presence, we will feel that we can do miracles, that we can pass through fire and water, and that we can remain unafraid when thousands of swords are drawn against us. By his grace, we won’t fear anymore - neither life nor death, joy nor sorrow. We will be drunk with faith.
Saint John of the Cross
Trippy Tolkien Fact
Tolkien died in 1973. Reverse it and you get 3791. 
Three rings for the elven kings under the sky, seven for the dwarf-lords in their halls of stone, nine for mortal men doomed to die, and one for the dark lord on his dark throne.

Trippy Tolkien Fact

Tolkien died in 1973. Reverse it and you get 3791. Three rings for the elven kings under the sky, seven for the dwarf-lords in their halls of stone, nine for mortal men doomed to die, and one for the dark lord on his dark throne.

Been a long week but at least the beard is coming along nicely.

Trying to figure out who we will go as this year at our Candy Carnival. This was a few years ago.

ManClan: Summer 2014 Rewind Video 
Here’s my video rewind of this summer’s ManClan events and the culminating ManKamp highlights from Priest Lake, ID. Enjoy and plan on joining us next year!